{\def {\eaddr \=subject \addr}
  {\tt <{\a \href={mailto:\addr
                   \/{\if \subject
                       {?subject=\subject}}} \addr}>}}

{\page \name={Correspond about Latte}

 We'd love to know what you have to say about Latte.  We're especially
 interested to hear about your experiences downloading, building,
 installing, and using Latte.  Did it go as smoothly as you'd hoped?
 Did it do something you wished it hadn't, or vice versa?  Do you
 wonder (like we do) how you ever wrote web pages before Latte?

{\h3 Reaching the developers}
 To reach the Latte developers, send mail to {\eaddr
 latte-dev@zanshin.com}.  If you're reporting a bug, please include
 the following information:

  {\li The version number of Latte (find out by running
       {\tt latte-html{\c-nbsp}--version});}
  {\li Your operating system and version number;}
  {\li The arguments you used to invoke {\tt latte-html};}
  {\li A concise description of the problem, including what you
       expected should happen and what actually happened;}
  {\li The smallest data sample you can devise that reliably
       demonstrates the problem, and the erroneous output, if any,
       that it produces.}}

{\h3 Reaching the Latte community}

 {\def \archive http://www.zanshin.com/mailman/listinfo.cgi/latte}

 For a livelier discussion with other Latte users (the developers can
 be pretty stiff), you may wish to subscribe to the Latte mailing
 list.  Do so at <{\a \href=\archive \archive}>.  You can also see an
 online archive of past articles.