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The Latte source distribution is a gzip'd tar file of C++ code from which you can build latte-html, the Latte-to-HTML translator, and liblatte, the programming library that allows you to build additional Latte applications.

Please see the build notes page for assistance in compiling Latte.

The current Latte distribution is latte-2.1.tar.gz, which is 357842 bytes long.

Download latte-2.1.tar.gz.

Precompiled binaries for x86 Linux are available in RPM (RedHat Package Manager) format. The basic Latte RPM includes the latte-html program, documentation, and supporting files. The Latte development RPM includes programming libraries and header files that allow the creation of other Latte-based applications.

We hope to make a precompiled binary for Win32 available soon.

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